Search Committee Update

Report from Your Search Committee

Firstly, we members of the Search Committee want to thank everyone for your prayers and support in this important process. Thanks be to God that He has called a new priest to shepherd us all.

We interviewed candidates who have expressed an interest in serving St. Stephen’s in this position. Six candidates were interviewed and after much discussion with back and forth meetings we have

Rev. Chuck Esposito

selected Rev. Chuck Esposito. Rev. Esposito was then presented to the Vestry who after meeting with the candidate, voted and approved our selection. Since then we informed our Bishop of our selection and he approved and directed us to go forward with the negotiation of a contract with our new Priest. The contract was accepted by both parties and signed by our Bishop.

Earlier in this process we gathered input of those who attended the coffee hour where we discussed the search process, the final version of our parish profile has been sent to the Diocese. One change in the process is that we have a different diocesan contact, Canon for the Ordained Vocations and Chaplain to the Mon Valley Mission Initiative, the Rev. Dr. Jay Geisler.

Rev. Canon Dr. Jay Geisler

We met with him on Sunday, August 26th. Some possible candidates have arisen and we will keep updating you as the process of identifying possible candidates continues. Thanks and Blessings.


Thank you for praying for the Committee as they did their work.

St. Stephen’s Search Committee

  • Cathy Wilkie, Chair
  • Gerry Dalton
  • Gary Glasser
  • Tonya Magwood
  • Kathy Mulligan
  • Ernest Scott
  • Tameka Thompson

We will need everyone’s help as we transition and welcome our new Priest. Let us continue to pray through out this process for God’s blessing on us and our new Priest. To God alone be the glory.

Thank you Faithful God, for bringing us a leader, teacher, and shepherd for your flock at St. Stephen’s. We know eternal Father and gracious God that you will continue to open our eyes to see and our ears to hear, so that Your wisdom and guidance will be with us as we move forward to share our faith with all those you bring across our path and into our house of worship.  

May we continue to show your love to each other and to share our faith with those who enter through our doors. Thank You God for being with us and helping us to be obedient to your Spirit in every circumstance, through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit one God for ever and ever. Amen.

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