Youth Outreach


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Since the 1990’s St. Stephen’s has provided an afterschool program for elementary school children from the surrounding neighborhoods. This is the Neighborhood Youth Outreach Program (NYOP). We have many success stories detailing how this program has turned around the lives of disadvantaged young people and guided them to a better life.

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NYOP uses an arts-based curriculum that includes instrumental music, singing, dance, art, poetry, and photography, all in a Christian context.

NYOP was incorporated as a nonprofit organization and is governed by a board of directors. NYOP is supported by other churches, by grants from foundations, and by gifts from individuals. Instructors are professionals in their disciplines. Twice a year the young people present a showcase of their art and performance to the community, and it is inspiring to see. The youngsters also have field trips and summer camp opportunities.

The NYOP provides a safe place, mentoring relationships, and an atmosphere that promotes personal growth and a sense of belonging. St. Stephen’s is pleased to support this ministry.

Click here for the NYOP Fall Semester Flyer 2018-09-18

NYOP Update, from the Board of Directors, September 10, 2018:

This has been a difficult year. As program funding becomes more challenging, the Board and Executive Staff was charged with making some difficult decisions. Subsequently, significant changes were made, including reductions in personnel and operating costs. We anticipate growth in the Spring and will continue to evaluate the viability of completing our mission and serving children as we have over the last 20 years.

For more information about NYOP, please call 412-243-6101. Visit our website, NYOP