St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church welcomes people from all walks of life.

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Rejoicing in a Risen Savior – Serving a Living Lord – Awaiting a Coming King

The mission of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church is to imitate Christ in everything we do.

Our vision is that our neighborhoods will also imitate Christ. 

Prayer for June

God, you are in the still small voice, the gentle whisper that follows. May our ears always hear. May our hearts always cry out for one another. May our hands always reach out to one another. And may we always walk like you, walk in solidarity with those who suffer and so reflect your presence and comfort.
– Edward Hoyt

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Bishop Ketlen’s Prayer

Bishop Ketlen said the following in her Easter message to the diocese: “During the fifty days of Easter I am committing to pray for these three things: for the hungry to be fed, for lives to be spared; and for reason to prevail in the hearts and minds of those who govern. I invite you, individually and congregationally, to join me in praying these three petitions. The power of prayer is real and goes hand in hand with all other actions. I pray for the reality and power of the Resurrection to be deeply en- grained in our hearts.”