About Us

Rejoicing in a Risen Savior – Serving a Living Lord – Awaiting a Coming King


St. Stephen’s mission is to imitate Christ in everything we do.


St. Stephen’s has been a witness to Christ in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh for over 120 years. It began as a mission of Calvary Episcopal Church in Shadyside. It has a beautiful old-fashioned sanctuary built in 1903 and a large parish hall with classrooms, a dining room, and a library. Over the years the surrounding community has gone through many changes, and St. Stephen’s continues to offer the love of Jesus to all who seek a better life.

St. Stephen’s is the local Episcopal church for the following communities and neighborhoods: Edgewood, Swissvale, Churchill, Wilkinsburg, Regent Square, and Point Breeze. We welcome visitors from those neighborhoods and beyond.

Our PriestRev. Chuck Esposito

Meet our Priest, Rev. Chuck Esposito. Rev. Esposito, or as we call him, Father Chuck, began his ministry with us on Sunday, February 3, 2019.

Rev. Chuck Esposito

The link below is Rev. Esposito’s brief biography.

Rev. Chuck Esposito biography 2019-02-21

Please continue to pray for all of us. God is good and bigger than all of us. We trust in Him to teach us, lead us and shepherd us in His ways, revealing His truth to us. Grace and peace to us all.

Father Chuck’s installation as St. Stephen’s Priest, with Bishop Dorsey McConnell, on Sunday, March 31, 2019. A Baptism, Consecration and Confirmation also took place on this eventful day. Glory to God.

Bishop consecrates Scarlett Miller into the family of God. The parents, Jason & Christy Miller look on. Father Chuck and Deacon Julie Smith assist our Bishop.

Mike Hogan confirmed by the Bishop into the family of saints at St. Stephens.

Bishop Dorsey installs Rev. Chuck Esposito as the new priest at St. Stephen’s.

Hugo McKinley Laufer’s Baptism with Mom, Jamie McKinley & Dad, Yanai Laufer. Jamie’s mom is Kathy Mulligan

London Thompson’s Baptism with her Mom Tracy Ann Thompson  & Godmother Tachelle Johnson

Passing of the Peace during Worship Service